IRS - Dispute Resolution

'Knowing what is true helps parties to concentrate on their real differences’'

Clear facts resolve conflict
Successful dispute or conflict resolution between companies or between companies and regulators depends substantially on the unbiased establishment of relevant facts and circumstances. IRS Dispute Resolution offers independent and impartial financial economic truth exploration. We assist parties in dispute with fact finding and calculation of damages for instance in cases of an alleged breach of contract when intellectual property rights seem to be violated or in cases of suspicion of market abuse in relation to anti-cartel measures. But we also assist receivers in bankruptcies to investigate possible liabilities.

Business Investigations

  • Royalty and license diputes
  • Breaches of intellectual property rights, like patents
  • Post M&A conflicts
  • Market abuse
  • Breach of contract
  • International transfer pricing conflicts (tax)
  • Insurance claims
  • Cause and liability investigations in bankruptcies
  • Financial economic expertise in (international) mediation and arbitration

Proactive Investigations

  • FCPA/anti bribery compliance
  • Compliance anti-trust measures


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